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*Final Golu-H2 unit delivered may look different than above

Golu-H2 Generator

Stand-alone, turn-key skid-mounted unit that converts Ethanol and Water to Green Hydrogen through a renewable process with no external energy required while recycling CO2

Available for Purchase Outright



Available in 2 Packages:

Package 1

Gölu-H2 Generator comes funded, maintained and insured at Zero-Cost up-front for the client


Client owns and operates Golu-H2 Generator. Client retains all H2 revenue including credits and pays a fixed monthly Green H2 Fuel-as-a-Service Fee for a set term, which may be recovered by a range of associated H2 Credits, Carbon Credits, and Subsidies generated by the Project.

Package 2

Gölu H2 Delivers Green Hydrogen Fuel On-Site


Gölu-H2 Generator comes Funded, Owned and Operated by P.CO2 and delivers Green H2 Fuel on-site to power client operations or to be sold into the market. Client pays Zero-Up Front and enters into a Green H2 Fuel Purchase Agreement.


Energy-As-A-Service Platform

Propeller CO2 develops Green-Hydrogen-as-a-Service projects for energy, transport, utility, and industrial clients globally, combining Golu-H2 Tech, Finance, and Operations in a Turn-Key Solution


  1. Project Design

  2. Project Funding

  3. Fuel Delivery and H2 Credit Collection

  4. On-Site Golu-H2 Generator Operations & Maintenance



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