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Where it all Began

Globally acclaimed. Experts in catalyst and process development, SBI Fine Chemicals provided an excellent knowledge base to expand into SBI BioEnergy Inc. and Gölu H2

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SBI Fine Chemicals Inc. provides custom solutions for new process development, lead-optimization, catalyst development, and scale-up for commercial manufacturing. The SBI team consists of experienced scientists, engineers and other technical personnel whose goal is to provide practical expertise to clients working around the world. Our motivated team has experience in a variety of disciplines.

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Renewable Diesel Technology

SBI is a renewable energy technology development corporation engaged in developing low carbon technology development utilizing renewable local feed stocks. Through SBI BioEnergy Inc., a sister company of SBI Fine Chemicals Inc., SBI has developed and commercialized several technologies such as biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel that has been licensed to Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company. SBI is negotiating several similar new licenses globally.

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Renewable Hydrogen from Ethanol

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SBI has developed and scaled up another disruptive technology, Gölu-H2. Gölu hydrogen is a renewable alternative utilizing ethanol as a feed. This is a viable non-fossil solution to conventional high-carbon SMR-generated hydrogen. Utilizing farm and forestry waste such as wheat straw and woody waste biomass generated ethanol for producing hydrogen with SBI’s Gölu-H2 conversion technology will lead to a carbon negative hydrogen, a global-first negative-carbon hydrogen with a Carbon Intensity of CO2e -30g/MJ, that is suitable for use in and to decarbonize the transportation, power generation, ammonia, and fertilizer production, metal and petroleum refining and other hydrogen and energy consuming industrial sectors.

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Clean Energy Innovation

Catalyst Development

Process Design

Analytical Validation

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