Where it all Began

SBI Fine Chemicals Inc.

Globally acclaimed custom contract pharmaceuticals providers. Experts in catalyst and process development, SBI Fine Chemicals provided an excellent knowledge base to expand into SBI BioEnergy Inc. 

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SBI Fine Chemicals Inc. provides custom solutions for new molecule development, lead-optimization, synthesis of advanced intermediates through process development, and scale-up for commercial manufacturing. The SBI team consists of experienced chemists, chemical engineers and other technical personnel whose goal is to provide practical expertise to clients working around the world. Our motivated team has experience in a variety of chemistries, including but not limited to asymmetric synthesis, heterocycles, amino acids, small peptides, and solid phase syntheses using various resins.​


SBI aspires to be globally recognized as a leading provider of innovative, timely, quality-focused and economical custom synthesis and small-scale manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied industries by operating with the highest standards of integrity and an unwavering commitment to the complete satisfaction of its customers.

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Flexible and Innovative Experience


  • Liquid phase reactions

  • Slurry and gas-liquid reactions

  • Homogeneous or fixed bed catalysis

  • -80°C to 200°C temperatures

  • Atmospheric to 1,500 psi pressure

Volume Handling Capacities

SBI is capable of performing reactions at 60 mL/hr to 200 L/hr depending on the nature of the reagents and the reaction requirements.


SBI has performed continuous reactions with the following reagents:

  • BF₃ / Ether / THF

  • Boranes

  • Butyl lithium

  • CF₂Br₂

  • Diazomethane

  • Grignard reagents

  • HF₃-Pyridine

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation

  • Hydrazoic acid

  • Hydrogen cyanide

  • Metal alkoxides

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