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At SBI BioEnergy Inc. we innovate and develop green energy technologies, such as low-carbon green hydrogen, carbon-negative renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel etc., to save the environment. Our team is made up of talented, dedicated individuals ready to solve new challenges daily. The cutting-edge nature of our work means there are no examples to follow, the solutions must be found with each individual’s passion and pride in their work. Each member of our team works with the desire to reach their goals, and we are now looking for like-minded individuals with an appropriate science and or engineering degree and experience, preferably in catalysis, catalyst development and/ or gas phase processes, steam reforming etc., to join us.

Desired Qualifications:


Degree in Engineering or Material Sciences with experience in:


  1. Heterogeneous catalyst development, formulation and immobilization.

  2. Catalytic process development.

  3. Equipment design.

  4. Pilot distillation and fractionation unit operation.

  5. Experience with one or more of Methane Steam Reforming, Methanol Steam Reforming, Hydrogen production, Hydrogen purification or Gas to Liquid type technologies.

  6. Fuel Cell Design, fabrication, testing and usage.

If you would like to work in a dynamic environment working to make our world cleaner and greener, contribute to our talented team, and have relevant experience please apply at

Please include a detailed resume and cover letter that speaks to our requirements.


Visit us  for more information.

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