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SBI-Renewable Diesel is a drop-in petroleum diesel equivalent and is fully compatible with conventional diesel. It can be used independently or mixed in any ratio with conventional petroleum diesel. With it's  low aromatic contents it burns cleaner and enhances engine performance. It can be stored and distributed using existing petroleum diesel storage and distribution facilities and network.


SBI-Diesel Properties

With sulfur contents lower than Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), renewable diesel is comparable to synthetic diesel (Figure 9a and 9b). With lower aromatics than ULSD, excellent freeze point, and cold flow properties, renewable diesel is an ideal Drop-In transportation fuel that can be used in pure form as B100 or blended.

GC x GC Reversed Column, Bubble Plot Chromatogram & Bar Plots Comparing Petroleum Diesel to SBI Diesel

* Provided by Canmet Energy & AIEES


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