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SBI has heavily invested financial and technical resources in the development of unique game changing biodiesel manufacturing technology. As a direct result of several hundred experiments that were conducted during the design and structure improvements through systematic scientific experimentation for optimizing activity, physical strength and active life, we have successfully developed, optimized and scaled up to 500 ton production capacity skid mounted pilot plant that produces biodiesel which is colorless, high quality, exceeding ASTM and European biofuel standards and very high purity colorless glycerol


The pilot plant has demonstrated continuous production capability, which is a 1000x scale up from its bench scaleproof of concept stage. Plant is fully automated; digitally process controlled and fully continuous. This operational demonstration plant (DM-I) is located in SBI’s Edmonton facility and is available for viewing.


Commercial  Production Plant

SBI is working towards an integrated multiple bio-fuels commercial production facility that will simultaneous produce Renewable Jet-fuel, Renewable Diesel, Renewable gasoline and glycerine.


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