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CGC- RFC (Hydrogen Free Renewable Fuel Catalyst)

CGC- RF is SBI's proprietary hydrogen free reaction specific catalyst that deoxygenates and cracks various oxygenated feed stocks such as pyrolysis oils obtained from various cellulosic, non cellulosic, municipal wastes and low quality FAME biodiesel obtained from a variety of non food industrial oil seeds, animal fats and used cooking waste oils into Renewable Fuel hydrocarbon equivalents.


CGC-RF catalyst is a heterogeneous, insoluble and non consumable. It causes deoxygenation, breaking down the long chain molecules into smaller molecules with sizes and chain lengths similar to petroleum based hydrocarbons with petroleum jet fuel and petroleum diesel specifications.


Unlike conventional hydrotreating or hydrocracking catalysts SBI-RCF requires no hydrogen.


CGC-BDC (Biodiesel Catalyst)

CGC-BD is a heterogeneous non consumable long lasting catalyst capable of simultaneous and continuous conversion of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) and Triglycerides (TGs) in one single water and chemical free step into high purity colorless FAME biodiesel and high purity colorless glycerol a valuable co-product.


CGC-BD is unaffected by the presence of water and is recyclable, this means that catalyst is not consumed. Therefore money is saved and profitability is increased, whereas other catalyst need to be replenished continuously, resulting in stopping the process, cleaning and adding more catalyst. 


Unlike conventional soluble catalysts CGC-BD requires no replenishing as it is not consumed in the process, it remains fixed in the reactor and therefore no dry or wet washings are required, eliminating need for any water or chemicals consumption or generation of waste water or spent chemical streams.


CGC-BD is insensitive to the origin of TG or presence of FFAs in any proportions in the feed stocks.

The SBI CGCs   are Reaction Specific catalysts, especially designed and tailored to affect the reaction they are designed for while eliminating by product formation by minimizing unwanted side reactions resulting in better product quality and atom yields.



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